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Product Visualisation

Create eye-catching 3D visuals of your product and share it with anyone and anywhere you choose. There are endless possibilities to attract attention and build excitement.

Both Renders and Animations are fantastic ways to populate content on various platforms. Doing so can greatly increase interest in your product and as a result, increase both pre orders and anticipation before product launch. Through 3D rendering, we can provide a variety of colours, materials, and finishes (CMF) in many different environments and angles to produce stunning content for your product.


Precision 3D Modelling

Take your designs from the drawing board to a digital form with CAD. 3D Modelling technology allows us to accurately create amazing products, breathing life into your concepts.

Many of the products we see today are created utilising 3D modelling technology. Every unique form or detail in many of today’s designs are precisely modelled out through CAD software’s before production. Doing so helps prototype your ideas in a 3D plane allowing you to effectively develop your designs to a desired standard.


3D Printing & Rapid Prototyping

Take your concept from the virtual space into your hands. Create physical 3D prototypes of your product to best test its physical attributes and develop its design.


3D printed prototypes of your products can be created to an incredible level of accuracy meaning that you can gain a wonderful amount of insight to best inform your products developmental process. Physical prototypes are also a wonderful tool to gain user insight and pitch your product to potential investors.


Graphic Design

Marketing Is essential for any business. Give your business or product identity and character to generate awareness, create relationships, increase revenue, and obtain customer trust. Stand out from the competition.

Visual content will be the face of your brand. This will be the first thing that your audience engages with and so a great façade will be crucial in how your business or brand is perceived. Harness the power of graphic design in brand recognition and visual communication to engage your target audience in a meaningful manner.


Robotics & Electronics

Create Proof of Concept (PoC) prototypes to test, validate and determine the practicality of a new product or idea. Crucial for gaining early stage user feedback and investor confidence.

Proof-of-Concepts (PoC) are vital in the initial product design stages, get these prototypes in the hands of potential customers, investors, and other stakeholders for feedback/market research before you begin spending big money on custom development.

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