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Designed to make your workout stronger.

Elevate your workout, and reach new heights with PowerBench, no matter where you are on your fitness journey, we wanted to offer a way to power the new you. Push Your Limit.

Gym Equipment 3D Product Animation

Show off your arsenal of products, with fluid motions using animated joints and hinges, as seen in our Gym equipment animation.

Creativity has no limits. Supply your socials with stunning 3D renders that catch the eye like PowerBench. Grab the attention and create hype with our 3D renders.

Equipped with an adjustable backrest, PowerBench is designed to give you the power to maximise your comfort through its smart panel system. This allows you to perfect your form in an easy and accessible way.

Dictate your vibe with the smart panel too. The smart panel is equipped with plenty of audio options, linked to the speakers at either end of the bench, for you to energize your exercise with music.

PowerBench also features an adaptable dumbbell system. This saves space whilst providing you with every weight increment required.