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The essence of cooking

Let your creativity take over with the Väsen kitchenware set.

Designed with a simplistic elegance allowing you to cook with confidence.

Väsen is showcased beautifully using 3D visualisation tools. These tools allow for specially crafted environments to be produced which can help your designs pop and really highlight what your products are about thematically. In Väsen’s case it is about brand consistency which is visualised through the pastel colourways along with the simple podiums used to showcase each product.

VASEN Group .1.jpg

Each Väsen product has been beautifully rendered in a variety of stylised kitchens, each produced using 3D visualisation techniques. Every environment has been intricately modified to not only offer both context to Väsen’s functionality and aesthetic, but to also highlight how Väsen’s products can belong and interact within different kitchen aesthetics. Providing realistic environment renders can offer a potential buyer confidence that it will suit their needs.

VASEN Kettle in Kitchen .4.png

Give yourself a lift with the Väsen kettle. Featuring a cork lid, combined with wooden handles, the Väsen kettle looks to offer you both a warm and uplifting morning reflective of its overall aesthetic, beautifully rendered using 3D visualisation.

VASEN Blender in Kitchen .1.png

The Väsen hand blender aims to combine all of its design elements into one clean and intuitive product. This along with its simple display provides a smooth experience in the kitchen.

The Väsen range is beautifully intertwined through its consistent design principles with its form, materiality, and most significantly its pastel colour palette intended to keep your time in the kitchen both bright and inspiring.

VASEN Group .140.png

Väsen’s toaster maintains the brands principles strongly with its intuitive controls combined with a design that allows it to stand out. With the maintenance of these principles, the Väsen toaster inspires and elevates.

VASEN mixer in Kitchen .7.png

Combine your elements with the Väsen mixer, featuring an accessible display offering you with full control and accuracy over your creations. Whilst externally simple and intuitive, it provides you with the outlet to produce complex and exciting things while in the kitchen.

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