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The Path to Pristine

Wisp offers you the ability to maintain your own home autonomously.

Set paths, routines, and cleaning modes to best keep your home spotless with less of the hassle.

WISP - Smart Robotic Vacuum

We are delighted to showcase the vast capabilities of Wisp through

3D product animation. This gives us the freedom to highlight every function in unique detail without the limitations we face in real life. Peer into Wisp’s perspective, see how the pathing translates to a 3D environment,

and gain a greater understanding of Wisp.

Wisp is also presented using high quality 3D renders. By using 3D visualisation tools, we can communicate a designs aesthetic and purpose before bringing it to life. Doing so offers us the ability to identify features we may like or dislike and as a result, make changes before the concept becomes reality.

Even the finest of details that Wisp possesses, can be shown off through
3D renders. Each internal component from the brush modules to the very screws that hold it all together, can be communicated to provide confidence to clients over the functionality of the concept.

Wisp is equipped with 2 front brush modules along with dual rolling brushes positioned between the driving wheels. The dual rolling brushes in particular feature a strong amount of suction power at 5000Pa ensuring that even the trickiest of messes can be picked up.