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Experience the world in an entirely new way

From majestic wildlife to the worlds most stunning architecture, we have always wanted to see things in a new light. Designed to empower you to do just that is XANTUS, your opportunity to see the world in an entirely new way.
Xantus Animation 2
Using 3D animation software, we were able to delve into the finer details of XANTUS and really showcase its range of functionality. 3D animations like this, make it possible to see just how products will look and function in a variety of environments and situations in an engaging manner.

XANTUS is also showcased utilising high quality 3D renders that can be used to test a variety of materials, finishes, and colour schemes. Testing these aspects are hugely important in understanding the preferences of your consumer base. Applying the correct aesthetic properties for your clientele is crucial in determining the style and direction of your product throughout the research process.