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Communicate Your Vision.

From stunning digital renders to rapid prototypes, Jenga Design offers the means of communicating your vision where words don’t do it justice.

Design is all about communication. Here at Jenga Design, we are dedicated to helping you explore the possibilities of your project throughout the range of services we provide. Whether that be through 3D modelling, Digital Rendering, Animation, Graphic Design, or Prototyping. Our goal is to provide you with a more effective manner to market or sell your project ideas. The services we provide focus on creating concepts and are designed to offer complete creative freedom to best translate your ideas into a reality.

We are dedicated to effectively visualising your ideas for whatever purpose, marketing,

proof of concept, troubleshooting, we’re here to get it done.


Our Focus

Design is a largely iterative process where changes and modifications occur all the time. Identifying what changes to make can in some cases only be seen through a concept of the product. By helping you create these concepts, we can assist you in knowing what next steps to take in your project to best bring it success. Not only can a concept be used to identify changes, but it can also be used to build interest in your project. Key visuals are imperative in communicating your idea to the target audience and doing so can generate a healthy amount of interest. We are here to help make your projects a success.

The path to an effective concept


Here at Jenga Design we are excited to hear about your projects and are eager to help you create striking visuals.


We want to provide the best service to you and to achieve this, we want to ensure that our work best represents your project.


Here, we produce your concept whether through 3D modelling, animation, or Graphic Design to effectively meet your expectations.


To complete the process, we then finalise the visualisation of your project through rendering or prototyping to ensure it is of the best quality for your project.


With your idea brought to life, we hope to see the positive impact we can have on your project.

Meet The Team


For projects with tight design, prototyping or marketing deadlines.


For a fraction of a cost, we can work

on your full range of products. 

Saves time and money.

Total Creative

Create, iterate and refine.

Easily customise colours, materials, finishes, attract customers and communicate your product

more effectively.

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